Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Gods noticed this blog!

I’m sorry for the absence - a week of cold weather, the stomach flu, and pilling up projects can divert a blogger’s attention. There have been some interesting developments since I last posted, namely that the Progressive Economics Forum has been kind enough to include me on their list of links.

For those who don’t know, the Progressive Economics Forum is undoubtedly the largest blog dedicated to providing a progressive economic analysis of social issues Canadians hold dear, like social equality, fighting poverty, union rights, and education. The Progressive Economics Forum is also the network of 125 economists (some of whom run the Forum’s blog) from across Canada who provide research that counterbalances the conservatively anchored perspective many policy advising economists share. It’s quite nice to be on their link list.

And there have also been some inroads in the Winnipeg blogosphere, as Gauche Manitoba has also been kind enough include this blog on its blogroll.

Oh, and more will be coming on the Hugh Grant study and the RAG Machine's reaction to it!


  1. Hey there. Congrats on getting some links. It's always good to have more thoughtful blogs out there.

    Re. Hugh Grant & rent controls, if you feel like another view point, I did a couple posts on the matter:
    post 1
    post 2
    post 3

    And I did a bit on the UMFM radio show Winnipeg Internet Pundits .. there is a pod cast out there somewhere.

  2. Thanks, I'll check out the posts.