Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Political and Labour Economists are not to be trusted!

Political economist/ evil leftwing statist Adam Smith.

 Joseph Quesnel is a policy analyst for the hard Right "independent" Think Tank known as the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Over a week ago he gave his two cents in the Winnipeg Sun ("Rent control deserves one more study". Quesnel, Joseph. Feb. 18, 2010) on a provincially commissioned rent control study by economist Hugh Grant. The study found that rent control, as instituted in Manitoba, does more good than harm.

The FCPP has been quite furious over this study, keen to point out potential conflicts of interest. I intend on dealing with the irony of these charges in the upcoming days. But one line of reasoning Quesnel uses is particularly amusing.

The fact the professor of economics who compiled the report is a specialist in labour and political economy also suggests he may have a predisposed view towards the government’s statist outlook.

So, among the numerous academic disciplines that are no longer trustworthy to Rightwingers, we may now add "political economy" and "labour economics".

Gosh, perhaps even Business schools will get on the Right's "academic enemies list".

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