Friday, 27 May 2011

The Deal isn't final, yet!

Now is not the time to celebrate. There have been many "near misses" in the past to Winnipeg getting an NHL Franchise again. Bettman has done everything possible to obstruct an NHL return to the 'Peg and his recent quotations aren't promising.

"Bettman refutes reports about 'done deal' in Winnipeg" -

While various media outlets are reporting there is a deal in place to relocate the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman wants fans to know one thing: Nothing is set in stone yet.

On his weekly radio show Thursday night, Bettman addressed the increasing speculation about the franchise's relocation.

"Maybe at some point there will be a deal, maybe there will never be a deal," Bettman said during the "NHL Hour With Commissioner Gary Bettman." on NHL Radio. "But there isn't one now."
The fact of the matter is, there has once again been a ton of commentary, speculation, you name it, that A) there's a deal and B) that we have a date certain for a press conference to announce the deal."

Bettman assured listeners that there is no deal yet. He said that the owners of Atlanta are exploring their options. But for now, nothing is permanent.


"The only time we move is when we don't have a choice, and that typically happens when nobody wants to own a club there anymore," Bettman said. "The prospect of leaving Atlanta isn't something that I'm particularly fond of. So I can't even contemplate the notion of what would happen after that in terms of coming back. We respect the importance of Atlanta as a city. It's a big market, but this is a franchise that's got a problem in that market."
Despite it's gross failure, there's still a chance that Bettman will continue his failed Southernization strategy or move the team to another American city.

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