Sunday, 18 September 2011

Au revoir, Aqua Books

Image Source: Jane Day Reader
  Aqua Books will close some (unspecified) time in the future. The owners blame a shift away from reading printed books due to electronic media. I, for one, sorta find that hard to believe - I know some light reading should decline with the rise of netizens, but you really can't read lengthy books on a computer screen*.

Regardless, the closure of the Eat! bistro and Aqua books really sucks. The Eat! bistro was one of the few places a person with Celiac - like myself - could go to get gluten-free pastries. It was also a forum for many lively and thought-provoking cultural events.

Farewell, Aqua Books. I'll certainly miss you.

*Maybe Kindle solves this problem, I don't know as I've never used one.

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