Monday, 19 September 2011

Whatever the result, manufactured majority almost certain

In this election voter attitudes in South Winnipeg will decide the outcome. The Manitoba Liberals may be squeezed out of existence - there's a chance River Heights will go PC and Kevin Lamoureux's old riding of Inkster has been transferred into The Maples and the new district of Tyndall Park. The district of Tyndall Park will go Dipper - as Wellington goes NDP and Lamoureux's one of the only reasons Inkster goes Liberal - and I see no reason for The Maples to buck the trend of voting in New Democrats.

Depending on whether some recent scandals (or, at least political faux pas's) involving funding announcements hurt the incumbents, a PC or NDP majority will be elected. The screwed way our "Winner Takes All" system works to favour majorities and regionally concentrated parties will ensure it. The Liberals will likely go extinct and the Greens won't make inroads into Wolesley.
While I don't think it's time for a radical turn the centre, I certainly dislike how our choices are shrinking and the scope of debate narrowing.

Please, Manitoba, consider electoral reform.


  1. If the Libs get a charasmatic leader they *might* be able to regain some stature. I like Jon, but ....

    Also don't want to get picky, but there's a typo with Wolseley.

  2. What bugs me about Cherenkov's comments about Dr. Jon is, because he's smarter than Hawking, I'm scared to argue with him. Intellectually stifled. Smacks of elitism. Just sayin'.

    Still, the challenge I laid down to the Black Rod should be undertaken by someone smart (it can't be me...). Compare the leaders, head to head, regarding their fitness for the job of Premier. The actual job, not just the media friendly part.

    Analyst, I sure feel your pain about the crowing of the middle. Makes you wonder how people make their choices...

  3. I'm not so sad about the crowding out of the middle because the middle is being crowded out (I'm probably centre-left rather than dead centre by Canadian standards), so much as the narrowing of choices. Ideally, I'd like to see a broad set of options for Manitobans and Canadians in generally, with a mix of Green, Social democratic, Reform Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian parties all being viable options for the average voter, who wouldn't have to worry *as much* about the greater evil getting in or their vote not being counted.

  4. There's probably numerous spelling and grammatical errors in that above comment, I'm writing in a very sleep deprived state right now.