Friday, 9 September 2011

Winnipeg Sun riles up would-be Rorschach

After years of the Winnipeg Sun spewing out poorly thought, sensationalist garbage on crime, at least one reader has taken the matter to heart. Someone who pens letters to the editor under the name "Mark Styles" wants to start punishing criminal youths personally:

Sick to the stomach

Re: ‘Welcome to Killerpeg,’ Tom Brodbeck, Sept. 2.

I agree with Tom and every other good citizen of this city who is sick to their stomach about of youth punks getting away with murder. To add insult to injury, we the public don’t even have the right to know who these youths are because it might be unfair to them.

Well, if any friend or family member of mine is ever brutalized by young punks, I won’t be lobbying our government or crying out and begging my MP to change our weak-wiled laws. I won’t for two reasons. One, there are simply too many bleeding heart liberals in this country to see any real significant changes occur, now or ever. Two, I prefer to take out my own garbage.


Appreciate your frustration, but vigilante justice isn’t a good idea.
(Hat tip to John Dobbin)

Thank you, Tom Brodbeck and thank you, Sun Media. This truly belongs in the Canadian Sun dailies Hall of Fame, right beside these reader comments to the Toronto Sun.

While crime in a pressing problem in Winnipeg and, for that matter, Manitoba in general, here's some perspective*. In 2009, Winnipeg had the highest homicide rate in Canada, with 4.1 murders per 100,000 residents. The homicide rate for the entire US (the most murderous cities averaged out with the safest in the nation) was 5 murders per 100,000 people.

The Winnipeg Sun, unsurprisingly, endorses the Dumb on Crime policy that the more murderous US uses.

*If anyone knows of any drastic distinctions between Canada's and America's definition of homicide that make this an unfair comparison, please let me know. The only one I can think of is America's broad definition of "justifiable homicide" (killing criminals under certain circumstances), which lowers the US homicide rate as justifiable homicides are counted separately from regular (unjustifiable) homicides.


  1. Hurm...

    Reality is, if and when the perception begins that justice is non-existent, vigilantism is the obvious result. We have all of history to look to for examples of it happening. The biggest issue is when innocent people become victims of said justice.

  2. "Reality is, if and when the perception begins that justice is non-existent, vigilantism is the obvious result."

    That perception is particularly likely to become wide spread when hack writers exploit crime to sell tabloids. Gross intellectual dishonesty can have very severe real-world consequences.