Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Air Canada - Can you get any more despicable?

No longer content on hurting Canadians with stupid corporate policies like putting expiry dates on  Aeroplan miles*, the upper-management of Air Canada have yet another bright idea. They've decided to enact "safety" rules like avoiding Downtown Winnipeg hotels. And they choose the best time imaginable in PR terms to do it - right after a bunch of displaced rural First Nations started residing in said hotels.

I wonder - since Air Canada sends flights to the US (a country whose overall per capita homicide rate is higher than that of Canadian murder capital Winnipeg) - whether they bar staff from visiting US hotels.

And to McFadyen; yes, Downtown crime is higher than it should be, but no, that doesn't excuse stupid corporate moves. Winnipeg isn't Detroit or Los Angeles and it's (more professional) hotels are more than suited to handling flight staffers (especially if they're informed about the potential dangers).

Finally, Air Canada, I'm really looking forward to the day West Jet puts you out of business.

*Aeroplan is, of course, owned and integrated with Air Canada.

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