Wednesday, 5 October 2011

First Past the Post strikes again!

Okay, I'm pretty happy that Manitoba didn't get a Tory Majority. A proliferation of Public-Private Partnerships, a scale-back of antipoverty funding, labour rights curtailment, and potential austerity (which would be excused mid to late in the government's first term as necessary to fight a "staggering" debt, especially if another global financial crisis hurts Manitoba's revenue base) would proceed. That being said, it's pretty messed up that the NDP has progressively increased it's seat count from 2003 to 2007* while the party's popular vote fell

Regionally concentrating one's power base results in messed up results like the ones for the last two provincial elections. If the Tories succeed under a new leader in 2015 at getting control of Winnipeg's suburbs, expect an equally skewed result in the opposite direction next time round.** 

Unless, of course, we demand electoral reform now.

*The NDP seat count increased in 2007 from 2003 levels despite a popular vote fall. The party's seat count increased this election from 2007 levels despite a drop in the popular vote this time as well.

**Since a second, and worse, dip to the the global recession will likely be coming along soon, there is a strong possibility that this victory will be bittersweet for the Dippers. The next dip will likely hit Canada harder and the commodities market won't save us next time. The chattering class, as they always do, will attribute global macroeconomic problems as resultant by "ideological extremism" on the part of the NDP and Selinger will gain Howard Pawley's reputation.


  1. Yes, just like the NDP still blame the Tories for the economic bad times of the 1990s, even though times were in most ways, tougher than. Politics ain't fair. Life ain't fair. If you rule when the global economy plunges, you wear it. That's life.

  2. Sooo.... what do yo think about the MB Liberal Single Transferable Vote (STV) policy? Do you favour a particular system?

    I fear STV may be too complicated to implement (read: objections from status quo supporters like 'who even understands this...?)

    I'll concede that, if packaged correctly, STV could address both preferential and proportional needs for reform. But it is complicated....

  3. @Anonymous

    That is a standard Occupational hazard when running a government in a globalized economy. However there's some evidence that the Manitoba economy recovered particularly slowly.

    @Rod Rouge

    I thought the Liberals were offering some form of Instant Runoff Voting. I'll have to check, but I think STV could fly with a public info campaign (it used to be used for certain elections in Manitoba in the past).