Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saganash rebukes Harper's Foreign & Veteran Policy

Protest over the Harper Government's overhaul of
Veteran's Pensions

Image Source: CPCML
Romeo Saganash, writing in the Huffington Post:

Canadians take pride in our historic role on the world stage. Our history has been one of an honest broker of peace. But over the years, we have seen this change. 
Ironically, in pursuing his "Canada-first" strategy, Stephen Harper instead has ensured that Canada's interests will not be at the forefront when important international decisions are being made. 
Over and over, the Harper government has demonstrated how poorly they understand international law and diplomatic relations. Representatives from other countries have openly wondered what happened to Canada. Our leadership on global issues can no longer be relied upon. The proof of Canada's fall from relevance was our failure to win a seat on the UN Security Council, a clear rebuke to what was once an expectation of an automatic place at the table. 
When anyone criticizes these policies, the current government hides behind our brave soldiers in the field, equating support for Stephen Harper with support for the troops. At the same time, the government proposes cuts to Veterans Affairs and breaches the medical privacy of veterans. This is a strange version of support. 
I believe that when they get home, those who have served their country deserve the best service in return. I also believe that before we send them into danger, our troops deserve to know what is expected and why it is asked of them.

 It's long overdue that people start calling Harper out for shamelessly identifying his political interests with that of Canada's military personnel. Some particularly brainless supporters - like Don Cherry - have boasted of Harper's "support for the Troops", yet when they really need it (like after the horrors of war) the Harper Government is nowhere to be found.

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