Monday, 5 December 2011

Corrections to the Manitoba & NDP Leadership Post

Last post, I offered some comments about the role of Manitoba in the Federal NDP Leadership race. There are a few things I'd like to add or correct.

In the last post, I spoke of Paul Dewar's connection to the Manitoba NDP via his brother Bob Dewar, who worked as Chief of Staff for former Premier Gary Doer. I added that whether this translates into substantial support remains to be seen. Paul Dewar has, as a matter of fact, been endorsed by ten Manitoba NDP MLAs, some of them high-ranking cabinet ministers.

I also spoke of Pat Martin's status as an "unknown" in the race, given the chance he might run to carry the merger gauntlet. Martin said he would run if nobody else brought up the issue of merger. While no candidate has endorsed formal merger yet, Nathan Cullen is pushing the "cooperation" gauntlet, so the chances of Martin throwing his hat in the race have declined.

 Steve Ashton has, indeed, endorsed Niki Ashton. The Manitoba NDP endorsements are quite fragmented - with different sets of MLAs endorsing different candidates. What effect this will have on the ten and a half thousand NDP members in this Province remains to be seen.

So goes the race.  

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