Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Re: Holiday Post

Last post, I insinuated that Kai Madsen was a religious proselytizer given his desire to raise the amount of Canadians who celebrate Christmas up from 92% to 99%. On second thought, I realize that this is an uncharitable interpretation, as there's a chance that he thinks most people who don't celebrate Christmas are in that position because of financial issues, so he hopes his charitable Christmas Cheer board can alleviate matters. The Abacus Data Survey doesn't provide details on why 8% of Canadians don't celebrate Christmas, so I guess I'll have to leave it at there.   

Madsen certainly seemed like he was being probed by Romaniuk for evidence of an evil Seligner plot to destroy Christmas and when any evidence whatsoever failed to materialize for said plot it must have really bummed out folks at the Winnipeg Sun. Hence, we got Romaniuk's irrelevant piece of work. Regardless, Madsen's indignation over naming a decorated Saturnalia Tree a "holiday tree" is still patently ridiculous.

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