Saturday, 24 December 2011

Winnipeggers Safe Drivers?

Okay - given that two pickup truck drivers tried to run me off the road within 10 minutes of one another and given that I've read this post - I'm surprised to find out that Winnipeg drivers are actually pretty safe.

From speeding, to not paying attention, to road rage -- CTV News set out to find out which Canadian city has the best and worst drivers.
While there is no truly scientific way to compare drivers in different Canadian cities, we looked at the number of registered motor vehicles in each city, the number of accidents, the number of accidents involving an injury, and the number drunk driving incidents to get a snapshot of city driving right across the country.

CTV obtained the data from Statistics Canada, insurance companies and police.
Each city was ranked from safest to most dangerous in three categories - Collision rate, Drunk Driving rate, and Injury Rate. The city with the lowest rate in each category was given a score of 1. The city with the highest rate was given a score of 8. Vancouver was excluded, because it has a markedly different system for reporting accidents.
Of cities with a population of more than half a million people, the one with the best record in our study was Ottawa -- it had the lowest collision rate per number of registered motor vehicles, the lowest rate of accidents involving injury, and one of the lowest drunk driving rates.


The second safest city to drive in was Winnipeg, followed by a third-place tie between Calgary and Quebec City.
Kurt Muller (2002, Oct. 29). "Edmonton has most dangerous drivers". CTV. 

This article is very old, though, being from Oct. 2002, so things might have changed since then. If any other outlet or research group has done a more recent study, please let me know.

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