Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Excitement over the Shoppers Drugmart on Osborne

Okay, stuff has been written about the pending expansion of the Osborne Village Shoppers Drugmart (the One Man Committee blog has a particularly insightful analysis here). I'm not sure there's much I can add at this point and I'm even less sure that I have the time. But I want to address something that perplexes: why the personal excitement over this development?

I can understand, in the economic sense, excitement over the potential for more people to shop in the area or to perhaps have to travel a little less far to get certain goods, but I've seen people positively ecstatic about the expansion and chance to buy more stuff from the box store. I honestly don't understand this attitude at all, I've been to the Osborne Village Shoppers countless times and I've never thought "boy oh boy, this store would be so much better with more crap". Then again, my shopping is very utilitarian so perhaps the sentiment is utterly beyond my comprehension.


  1. The term HICKS comes to mind

  2. Really!?! Everyone I know is enraged at this new development! We Village residents cannot stand this new Shoppers project! Look up the boycott Shoppers facebook page!

  3. Okay, let me be clear. Not all of the people who I've met that get "excited" over this development live in the village or are even that representative. But (some) excitement over the Shoppers expansion and Boxstore development in general perplexes me.