Monday, 16 January 2012

New Features

A few new features have been added to this blog. For starters, there's now a "read more" option on some of the longer (and a few of the shorter) posts. This was done after a fellow blogger informed me that some readers dislike clicking on the comments section to post a comment after reading a long post. Rather, it'd be more appealing to first, give the reader the option of continuing the post if the first few lines sound enticing, and then allowing them to comment instantly after finishing the article.

After adding this feature I realized it works nicely with another new feature of this blog: the endnotes. While this blog has had endnotes from the beginning, asterisks were used instead of numbers. This got tedious1, so finally I got around to learning how to do proper endnotes - with proper links between the endnotes section and the text where the superscripts are - by reading this. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the blog's homepage - you have to click on the post to get the endnotes to function properly. Cutting off the homepage section of the post with the "read more" feature before endnotes are used solves this problem.

Lastly, to any Saganash fans out there, more posts about his town hall in this city are coming up - albeit behind schedule.

1 That and a friend who reads this blog informed me that the asterisks should be replaced with numbers given the increasingly complex writing style used on this blog.

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