Monday, 27 February 2012

Manitoba PCs - The Party of Ludd

Well, with the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba leadership convention set for Oct. 27 of this year, the party's fast at work finding the right person for the job of leader. Some rank and file have even started tweeting about the various people they'd love to see as Manitoba PC leader. Despite the older  supporter base, I'm sure the PCs are fully in touch with the new, social media reality of politics. Just look at this Metro article:

Two Twitter accounts set up to draft Winnipeg Coun. Scott Fielding into the race disappeared after one day. One of the accounts is associated with an anonymous blog that trumpeted a self-congratulatory “Mission Accomplished” on Thursday, saying they’d heard — accurately — that Fielding is mulling over a leadership run. “We’ve done our part and planted a seed,” reads the blog entry.

Fielding, a Twitter non-user, told Metro he views April 1 as the point by which potential candidates must decide. He said it’s an “honour” that people are trying to draft him and that it “does have an influence.”

Twitter is also wielding its drafting prowess at PC MLA Leanne Rowat, another non-tweeter.


PC MLA Kelvin Goertzen, an active tweeter at @KelvinGoertzen, is also mulling over a leadership bid. He, along with  Brian Pallister and Coun. Paula Havixbeck, were reported to be interested but no one has confirmed a run yet. Goertzen, responding on Facebook, said he doesn’t use social media much for politics.

“I see the power of social media as being that (it’s) ‘social,’” he wrote.
Because we all know politics has nothing to do with social relations or - dare I say - people deciding what society should be like. That 2008 campaign by ... what's that guy's name? .... Obama totally went nowhere because of all that "social media" stuff.


  1. Heh, nice.

    A new United party could pool tech savvy and run some courses. Get everyone on the same platforms, technically.

    Then maybe later, politically. Just a thought...

  2. All three (Red, Blue, Green.)