Sunday, 25 March 2012

Brodbeck doublethink

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tom Brodbeck is a provincial disgrace.

In this piece from January the editorialist touts the hypocrisy of social activists for not tearing into Andrew Swan and "Today's NDP" over their Dumb on Crime policies. The problem is that a few months earlier he told the Occupy Winnipeg activists that they were stupid for protesting outside Andrew Swan's office due to his support for dumb on crime policies. So the problem with social activists is that they don't attack dumb on crime NDP politicians, except when they do and it's therefore stupid? Sounds like typical Sun reasoning to me. 

Incidentally, when speaking of mandatory minimums in the article Brodbeck always talks about the least controversial ones. The fact that drug offenders- even nonviolent ones - will also face counterproductive sentences doesn't phase the hack writer one bit.

Mandatory minimums, even for more serious crimes like carjacking, are just stupid. If the convict needs to be locked up for a long time, the Judge can discern that - if they don't, mandatory minimums just tie hands and (especially when applied to younger offenders) create lengthier terms in a school for criminals.

"Tough on crime" is a misnomer for Harper-style crime policies as - while tough on criminals (they brutalize a lot of offenders) they don't actually reduce crime. Creating training camps for criminals - which imprisoning unhardened offenders can do - might even make it worse. Dumb on Crime is a more appropriate term.

Andrew Swan represents all that is wrong with "Today's NDP" and has been criticized by social and community activists, regardless of Brodbeck's selective amnesia. Hopefully, Tomorrow's NDP will be better and smarter on crime, to the chagrin of Sun columnists.        


  1. He's capable of intelligent discourse, his company however does not pay him for that.

    1. Isn't the entire existence of The Sun to raise eyebrows? They are "The Devils Advocate" in paper form. Not that I'm defending them... Brodbeck is still the biggest P.O.S. around. Laurie Mustard too.. Watch your back motherfucker.

    2. Perhaps. I still like yelling back at the Sun.