Saturday, 10 March 2012

Call out to Elmwood-Transcona Readers

When I discussed potential voter suppression in Winnipeg, I received this reply from bgilchrist:

You seem to insinuate that there was a significant change in seats in Winnipeg, when in fact there were only two seats that changed. One seat that the Tories had been targeting for years and another where people got fed up with the useless tool 'Maloway'.
Now, bgilchrist - who goes on to claim that (what he interprets as the thesis of ) my post "shows a complete ignorance of both provincial and federal politics in this country" - claims that Maloway is a useless tool and that's the sole reason why he was voted out. No voter suppression could have anything to do with it, supposedly. I'll ignore the other claim that seats the Tories target wouldn't be good candidates for voter suppression1.

Now, I know at least one Federal Conservative candidate has said that people should vote for him to get top-notch attention from the Conservative Government. I'd hope this isn't the "usefulness" (which Maloway supposedly lacks) bgilchrist has in mind. What other "uselessness" could he  have in mind  - what other comparisons are there? Was Maloway that much more ineffectual than his predecessor or MPs in neighbouring ridings? How steep was Maloway's federal politics learning curve or complacency? Are there any actual public indicators we have to intersubjectively measure an MP's "effectiveness"? 

So, I'll ask the people of Elmwood-Transcona to explain why they voted, how much the "uselessness" of Maloway factored in, and if it'd make any sense in a race as close as the graph below indicates to, I dunno, suppress the vote of the other guy!
Jim Maloway (NDP) vote share compared to Lawrence Toet
Image Source
: Constructed by "the Analyst".
Data Source: Canada Votes 2011


1 As, you know, they're sorta close races - where a little voter suppression can go a long way in ensuring the "target" is met.


  1. I agree completely with bgilchrist. He is the worst possible choice for MP or MLA that there could be. I have no idea how he gets elected. You have to live in this riding to understand why. Even more, you have to live on his street to understand completely. He is a piece of work.

    1. @ Riverman - You're right, we "have no idea". Please elaborate on your whine.

  2. Apparently not being beneficiary to the "privileged ear of the governing party" was what some CON voters had in mind when it comes to "usefulness".

  3. Anon 11:58, first are you in Elmwood? I doubt it but just in case you are here goes>

    Maloway took money for a constituency office for most of the time he was an MLA, without having one. No money was returned. It was on CTV news.

    Sat and did nothing while the Kelvin CC was closed yet got involved to ensure a dangerous bridge was kept open so as to not cause him any inconvenience.

    He introduced a private member's bill when he was an MP that blamed the airlines for bad weather. Why? Because he was inconvenienced by a storm and couldn't get home.

    This spring he was the only one on his street that did not participate in planning for flood prevention and dike construction. He was extremely abusive to the young project engineer hired by the city in front of a number of people.

    Shall I go on?

    1. Please don't go on.

      Where does one start with stuff like this? CTV news? Gadzooks! It must be true! Funny these things aren't brought up by his opponents in the legislature. I guess they leave those things to the tinfoil hat crowd.

      Did nothing while the kelvin CC was closed? Now that's rich. Perhaps the pictures I saw on his election pamphlets where he's at Kelvin addressing a large crowd were photoshopped. Takes a lot of imagination to blame a politician from another level of government's (City)closure of Kelvin. Axe to grind me thinks.

      Blame airlines for bad weather? Really? Wonder why the significant all-party support almost got the Private members Bill through? Are even your Tory M.P.s who supported the bill blaming the airlines for the weather too?

      As for the rest. perhpas your time is better spent out in the community rather than hiding behind the garbage cans on Glenwood Cresent.

    2. He admitted his theft on right on CTV news, that's why I mentioned it.

      He was involved in the protests after Kelvin closed, just for the photo op you mentioned.

      His private members bill was retarded. If it was that well supported it would have passed. It didn't.

      I've always been involved with my community. The impending flood last year was a good example. But I don't see what your point is, seeing this is about King Douchebag, not me.

    3. @Riverman

      He didn't "admit theft". He admitted to filing communication expenses under "office operation expenses" without having a physical office place separate from his home. If that's illegal, than contact the Manitoba Auditor General.

    4. $44K per year for over 10 years? Communication expenses?


      Above is a link to Maloway's ad that aired on Winnipeg TV *before* Kelvin was razed by the City, probably paid for by those communications expenses (is a TV ad 'communications' or advertising? D'uh)fighting the closure of Kelvin by Mayor Sam and his Conservative City hall cronies. Anyone saying Maloway was using crowds for photo-ops must be a Soviet historian specializing in rewriting history.

  4. The Disreali bridge should have been out of service by now. A well-run public consultation had selected a design. Now, because of Maloway, we are left driving on this

    I put that young girl's death squarely on him, and so do many others.

    Terrible politicians continue to get elected because of yellow dog NDP sheep.

    1. It is a damn shame what happened to that young girl on the Disraeli Bridge. BUT, hundreds of thousands of people use that bridge everyday - incident free! - I think that unfortunate young woman just suffered from poor driving skills.

    2. Let's see if I have this right. A politician is to blame for a freak accident on the Disraeli Bridge? Was he out there with a hose icing up the overpass?

      Judgeing by these and other comments by Riverman, I recommend he get his meds prescription refilled.

    3. Given that the personal insults have started, I can see I've won the argument. Thank you!

    4. Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day. Personal insults? Here you're accusing a politician of being personally responsible for an accident on the Disraeli Bridge. Now if he was throwing rocks at the windshield of the car that accusation might stick. This 'useless' politician who you claim has no influence has personally kept the Disraeli open for his personal use? Guffaw! Those 40,000 other vehicles using the bridge daily should feel very grateful that Mr. Maloway has allowed them to go over his bridge. Are you going over the bridge?

      This is all too funny. What entertainment! You should be on Letterman. But then you won't have much time to mark papers.

      I can see with your logic you win 100% of your arguments. Keep up the good work.

    5. @Riverman

      That the other party is insulting one in a debate doesn't necessarily mean that you're winning. It just means that the other guy's pissed off.


      Education is a crucial part of the modern economy. An anti-educator mentality (like the one adopted by the New Right) is generally pretty destructive.

    6. Please be assured I wasn't referring to educators in general. I was referring the the poster Riverman, specifically.

      The ad hominum argument is one Riverman has adopted in his highly personal attacks on a public figure. He refers to 'theft', "useless", "tool", and claims he's personally responsible for a death on the Disraeli. That he protests the 'personal attack' about my references to his fevered logic is rather ironic, don't you think?

      This guy needs help.

    7. This whole discussion can be reduced to Riverman delivering misleading truths, half-truths, and smears against Jim Maloway and Anonymous, in response, delivering personal attacks.

    8. I don't see how calling Riverman on his specious logic is a 'personal attack'. But then that's just me.

      He has called a public figure a 'douchebag', accused him of 'theft', calls him 'useless'; a 'tool'. I know this isn't Parliament, but sheesh. So much for decency. Sadly, this can be a forum for insults as far as I can see.

      I read in Riverman's posts that Maloway is personally responsible for a death on Disraeli. He says "Theft" of public money as though it were a fact. So far as I know, causing death and theft are under the Criminal Code of Canada. Riverman has a moral duty to go to the police! Oh wait, it's all a lie, so he posts here instead.

      Maybe he should check with the CTV reporter who reported the so-called 'theft' story he saw and see what he says. Oh wait, he was transferred out of Winnipeg right after the story by his bosses who couldn't get his sorry ass out of Winnipeg fast enough. To say that he got his facts bass ackwards is putting it mildly. I'm sure there's someone around who can refer to the public record on that one.

      Anyway, with Riverman's dreck appearing on this blog it seems that anonymous personal insults are a natural consequence.

      I'm reminded of those editors of the Winnipeg Sun, that wonderful left leaning 'newspaper', who said the author of the letter to the editor that claimed the businesses and politicians of northeast Winnipeg were responsible for the accident, was "an idiot." If the shoe fits, eh?

      To Analyst: What kind of response are you expecting from someone who comes across this crap?

      To Riverman: You really think accusations like you've made here won't make you subject to legal action? I see institutionalization of some sort in your future. This may be your ticket!

    9. @Anonymous

      Err... I sorta expect personal attacks. Still, I call 'em as I see 'em and you have used personal attacks (i.e. calling for institutionalization).

      Riverman has made some pretty batshit crazy smears, though. Saying that a politician calling for a bridge to remain open is responsible for the failure of a railing to prevent the crash is pure wingnut territory, especially since it was the City that a-okayed the railing (it had a rating of a "3" whereas items in need of "instant repair" are rated "2" - the inspector obviously didn't err on the side of caution).

    10. I call'em as I see'em too. ;)

    11. ...and believe "wingnuts" are also candidates for institutionalization.

  5. Is it true you invite response from bghilchrist but don't allow his comments here? If true, why not? Why would you target an individuals' comments, challenge that individual, but not allow that individual to speak?

    Will this post be allowed to see the light of day?

    1. That's not true at all. I have no idea why chris's comments haven't appeared, but I don't moderate comments. Perhaps he hit the wrong button when posting.