Monday, 12 March 2012


Bgilchrist has a post where he accuses me (as well as Graham Hnatiuk, though not by name) of moderating away comments we disagree with. I don't know why his comments didn't appear, but there's a few guesses & remarks I have.

  • When re-editing my HTML template in an attempt to move my long list of Winnipeg bloggers to a separate page, I cut a giant block of text out and tried placing it here. When that didn't work I just settled for a half-assed attempt to cobble the list together again. It's still a work in progress, but editing the template may have fucked up the comments. 
  • Bgilchrist claims that it happened with several other bloggers. I don't know who these other bloggers are, but if they have any problems posting comments you can always email me and I will try to get back to you promptly.
  • If the same thing happened on another blog it might just indicate a problem unique to bgilchrist (maybe blogger thinks his comments are spam or something). 
Lastly, in the spirit of fairness, I have bgilchrist's reply to the issue of Maloway's usefulness. This response mirrors Riverman's.

..., the point of my rebuttal was to look at the historical voting trends in each of the ridings you mentioned. St. B and Transcona seemed to be following the individual MP ( Blaikie, Duhamel). In all ridings, Conservative vote trends were increasing. And in Transcona, Maloway actually increased his vote – it was collapse of Liberal vote that killed him. Now, if Liberal voters got a message indicating they should be voting conservative instead, there may be an issue. As it stands right now, seems like sour grapes from Maloway to me. Other than that, nothing from the historical voting numbers would suggest that these ridings were in anyway influenced by robocalling. As for Maloway specifically – 20+ years as a backbencher – why was he never a provincial cabinet minister? His learning curve for parliament would be smaller than 98% of the rest given the amount of time he spent as an MLA. And his contribution as an MP? Introduce a private Member’s bill that would have fined airlines for inclement weather! 


  1. Oh and one other point was your reference to a conservative MP who suggested that people should vote Conservative in order to get more government funding for their riding. This is a mindset of ALL governments at ALL levels and has been for some time. When John Harvard was an MP in the Chretien government, he said the exact same thing. And you only have to look at the funding for southdale CC or the refusal to build a high school in Whyte Ridge/Delays in Kenaston underpass to see that the provincial gov't does the exact same thing. Yes, it's shitty and ideally you don't want to see it happen at all, but don't call one party on the carpet for it without doing the same for the rest.

    1. Cons are such easy targets. Stop fucking up & we won't call bullshit.

    2. @bgilchrist

      Did Provincial New Democrat candidates in close ridings say "vote for us, only MLAs from the governing party can get you services"?