Sunday, 18 March 2012

I call that Progress

Probably five months ago, down in City Place, there was a newspaper stand with complimentary copies of the Winnipeg Sun. Is it still there? Well, I looked, and low and behold I found this:

Image Source: Photo taken by "The Analyst".

In the market of easy reading news it looks like the Sun has met the new kid on the block. The free-to-consumers Metro - geared towards a younger demo - is competition for the Winnipeg Sun. 

Can this city's far-right trash tabloid survive? Will the Sun move towards a model where all their revenue comes from ad sales so as to compete with the costless (to consumers) Metro? Only time will tell. 


  1. The more media options the better, no? Or are you a champion of censorship and limiting the free press?

  2. What? I'm clearly applauding the emergence of a new option, the Winnipeg Metro. What could be more pro-free speech than that? :D By the way, nice try at being Nick Naylor.