Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mulcair Leader of Canada's NDP

Thomas Mulcair is the leader of the Federal NDP, winning on the fourth ballot. Based on his post-victory press conference, social democrats have reason to be cautiously optimistic. Mulcair emphasized going on the attack against the Conservatives on healthcare issues - particularly fairness when it comes to healthcare for low-income families - and spoke of focused messaging to counter Con attacks. Something I'm particular concerned with - sustainable development and Dutch Disease - were core features of his economic agenda.

In an earlier conversation with the Winnipeg Free Press, which I just found on youtube, Thomas Mulcair speaks of using cap-and-trade and gas tax revenues to fund municipal infrastructure deficits - like the one Winnipeg faces. When it comes to crime, he's not going to back the Federal Con/ "Today's" Manitoba NDP dumb on crime agenda. That is refreshing.

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