Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No Baird vs Martin clips

Ottawa West-Nepean's John Baird and Winnipeg Centre's Pat Martin are two MPs known for a confrontational and bombastic rhetorical style. They were also in the top two best orators in Parliament for 2011, according to a Maclean's survey. John Baird is the best orator according the survey and Martin was the runner up. Some quotes from the Maclean's article detailing the best orator reveal interesting dynamics hidden by the everyday theatrics of the House.

“The first rule of Canadian politics is, never ask him a question, because you’re going to get your head handed to you,” says NDP MP Pat Martin. “You couldn’t actually maintain that level of choleric, or it would eat you alive,” says Martin, who knows of bombast and faux indignation, as evidenced by last week’s profane Twitter tirade. 
Baird enjoys repartee with Martin; other MPs, not so much. “When I was government House leader and taking questions for the PM, I would always dread when I looked across the aisle to see Michael Ignatieff wasn’t there—and Bob Rae was,” he says. 

The mention of Michael Ignatieff as a fun, challenging opponent makes sense given he was ranked by the Maclean's survey of 2007 as "best orator". Still, Martin's polemical rhetoric probably better mirrors Baird's, so it'd be interesting to see their exchanges in Question Period. But, try as I may, it doesn't seem there's videos online of it - I guess I'll just have to resume heavy watching of CPAC to find such an exchange.

Martin seems more outraged when giving angry speeches, whereas Baird just seems more drily petty and vindictive. That's one thing to keep in mind while viewing the primary material.

Pat Martin

  John Baird


  1. Mr. Martin's rants seem genuine & heartfelt with a point to be made. Where as with Mr. Baird; he just seems like a shouty brat who just wants to be louder & get the last word. At least when Martin screams I get the point. Baird is just a bully.

    1. Agreed. Pat Martin is genuinely pissed off for most of his tirades, whereas Baird is just being a professional government front bench dick.