Saturday, 28 April 2012


Given upcoming heavy outside commitments, posting will be very taxing and lower on the priority list than usual. To help ease the work load of keeping a blog updated regularly enough, I've recruited another contributor - Zed. Depending on some other people's decisions, more contributors may be added as well. I hope this serves to transition The Winnipeg RAG Review into a new stage, as a collaborative blog, still committed to cutting through the real RAG narratives perpetuated in this city, this province, and this country. Collaborative blogs, to the best of my knowledge, are relatively rare in Winnipeg - so it'll be fun to see how this experiment turns out.

I will not necessarily agree with everything Zed, or other potential future co-contributors, write. But, regardless, The Winnipeg RAG Review will continue to be an outlet for well-thought analysis, from a more varied perspective from now on.

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