Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Federal Dippers have another Leader Defining Ad Out

The English language Tom Mulcair ad is out. Overall, it does a decent job at painting him as "safe" and more even-tempered than his reputation lends itself to. A National Post headline (to an article I've yet to read) declares the ad "boring", so I had low expectations going in - but it exceeds them. There's been a lot of leader defining ads out that have been anything but flashy (Harper had one a few elections ago declaring his love for Canada wearing a sweater vest - it seemed to work). It's also good for dipper fortunes that the ad's out on English language Canadian TV before the Conservatives start saturating the airwaves with anti-Mulcair attack ads. Thus far, Mulcair (or the people staffed with running the NDP campaign) are living up to his reputation as a skilled campaigner.


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