Saturday, 7 April 2012

Federal Dippers have leader-defining ad out

Well, the Federal NDP has an ad out that seeks to define Thomas Mulcair before the CONS can. Thus far, they've only released French versions of the ad. This seems to be something of a tactical error, as the CONS will likely try to paint him bad in the Rest of Canada before moving into his home turf of Quebec. The youtube video disallows comments, which sucks as well.

It's good to see the Official Opposition getting a jump on things, though, as Harper's successfully swift-boated Opposition leader after Opposition leader. Now's a good time, as the piling scandals finally seem to be sticking to Harper's CONS. The Federal NDP is statistically tied with the Conservatives in polls, as of now, and have been on an upward trend for some time.

Mulcair's "honeymoon polls" show another statistical tie with the CONS in this province and Saskatchewan ("the Prairies"). It might just be a fluke, but if Mulcair maintains the momentum to e-day while fighting off CON attacks he might just align Winnipeg's federal representation with it's provincial one. NDP in the core, the north, the west, the east, and excluded from the south - if Mulcair could do that, it would be very impressive.

The CON Machine will be very rough, though.


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