Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Speeding Tickets Payable online

UPDATE: Foolishly, I didn't see that Policy Frog also pointed out that there are bugs in the system. So continues the slow and unsteady pace of E-government ...

Policy Frog points out that one can pay speeding tickets online in Manitoba, despite the failure of the Province to advertise this service. As a road commuter cyclist, I haven't gained any tickets yet (and, no, I'm not one of those ill-informed people who think road cyclists are exempt from stop sign laws), but for anyone eager to have some time saved you can go to the link below.

Oh, and PASS IT ON!


  1. This is great:)
    I'm sure everyone would love to pay for their traffic tickets online...this way I can bet the number of unpaid tickets will be reduced.
    Paying my speeding tickets Toronto would be so easy using this method so maybe some local authority will implement this system too.

    1. There are still some pretty major bugs in the system, FYI.