Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Winnipeg's nascent BRT

Well, after decades of procrastination, the city is finally taking steps towards a preliminary Bus Rapid Transit system. This year's municipal operating budget represents a glimmer of hope for this city. The decision not to hike the cost for an essential public service that would disproportionately affect poor, working poor, and lower middle class Winnipeggers. If the network is completed - and maintained better than Winnipeg's rushed, nascent active transport network - there is a solid chance for this city play its small role in mitigating the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

Now is not the time to cork the champagne bottle - or non-alcoholic look alike - just yet. This essential public capital investment is still being done in a half-hearted manner and that the country club conservative of Tuxedo still holds delusions of Light-rail Rapid Transit. The city needs to push ahead with expanding the system and activists can provide an impetus for this.  A rich mayor can afford the inadequate public transit on his car rides from the suburbs, but North Enders and West Enders can't. Sam Katz needs to get to work.

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