Thursday, 17 May 2012

"City Circus" on Shaw TV

Well, Marty Gold of The Great Canadian Talk Show and Graham Hnatiku have a Tuesday, 9:30 PM community access program on Shaw - which should run for at least 13 episodes. Looks like the first episode aired this Tuesday and a rerun will be airing tonight at 9:30 PM.

While I haven't listened to a lot of Marty Gold (or talk radio in general, for that matter -aside from Winnipeg Internet Pundits podcasts), this should be interesting. It'll ad diversity to Shaw's community lineup and get some local political analysis on the channel. From the stuff I've read on his blog, Gold can be quite sensationalistic from time to time (and I've had my share of personal spats with Graham), but it should be interesting local coverage nonetheless.

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  1. Marty Gold is an idiot. Now, on with my life. .