Friday, 18 May 2012

A Great one leaves

The Walter Krawec of the One Man Committee is closing shop. I'm going to miss that blog. The One Man Committee was a nice addition to Winnipeg's blogosphere, with a mellow yet piercing tone and deep analyses of civic development. I can't help but wonder if he's also leaving Winnipeg Internet Pundits. First the Endless Spin Cycle (ironically of finite life) and now Walter Krawec, I hope Winnipeg's blogosphere doesn't contract anymore!


  1. You're giving me way too much credit...

    I began my blog just before Endless Spin closed down. Since I began a number of good blogs have popped up including this one. Each year several new RRC Cre Comm blogs start up, not to mention the old timers who keep cranking out posts year after year. There is more to read and more analysis of local events than there was 5 years ago... based on that, I think the local blogosphere is in pretty decent shape!

    1. What are some RRC Cre Comm blogs you'd recommend?

  2. I'd also say that there's a lot of blogs, but there's also a lot of burnouts as of late. Red Rod and Rod Rouge are some examples, the Blue Rod's also demised in output.