Sunday, 27 May 2012

Harper's E.I. Deforms

Seasonal Agricultural work: Ideal Flaherty Job -
low wages, poor job security, and few rights.

Image Source: CBC

Well, in a weak job market, with six Canadians out of work for every one job opening, Harper and Jim Flaherty have decided to deform Canada's E.I. program.

According to Jim Flaherty, there is "no such thing as a bad job" and labour shortages have to be dealt with. Job shortages not so much, I guess.

It should be noted that Harper & his team painted Michael Ignatieff as an elitist for drinking espresso.

Harper's gang are now officialy mirroring the stuff of Marie Antoinette myth.

Life's funny, eh?

Let them eat dirt, Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Harper?

Image Sources

TheSpec (Harper, top)

Macleans (Flaherty, bottom)

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