Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Introducing the tried & untrue technique of unscientific polling

Most Winnipeg blogs that fit onto the left-right ideological landscape1 seem to be right-leaning. Sure, there's a few blogs by people in the local labour movement, one by CCPA Manitoba, Gauche Manitoba (which posts infrequently), and the now defunct "Just Damn Stupid", but by and large the big left-right ideological blogs in this city are rigthwing (The Black Rod immediately comes to mind). Winnipeg's small left-leaning blogs generally don't post as often as the right-leaning blogs - at least that's what my highly anecdotal observations seem to indicate.

Conversing with some other bloggers, there were some ideas presented:

  • Perhaps the fact that a party which is generally regarded as centre-left is governing this province has motivated right-wingers to complain via blogs and induced left-wingers into a sense of contentment so as to have little desire for political blogging. 
  • Perhaps left-wingers prefer offline tactics to vent fusterations with various policies.
  • In lieu of Saskatchewan's more developed leftwing blogsophere, perhaps politics is less heated overall in Manitoba.  
Well, that got me thinking to what the views of this blogs readership are. So, I decided to introduce the tried and untrue technique of unscientific polling. While the results will be much less reliable than a standard opinion poll, one can rest assured that after a few more Harper deforms to StatsCan this poll will be more reliable than the Census.  

1 As opposed to the many urbanist blogs, which I view as possessing an ideology but not one on the left-right dimension

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