Thursday, 31 May 2012

Selinger throws unemployed workers under the bus

Well, Greg Selinger met with the other Western Provincial Premiers to discuss various challenges facing Western Canada, such as developing a "pan-Canadian" energy grid.

While Selinger obtained key support in his fight against Harper's deforms to Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program for immigration (Manitoba's PCs have been shilling for the Harper Government™ 's attempts to deform the made in Manitoba program by taking federal control of it), it seems that it came with a price tag. He threw unemployed workers under the bus by backing Harper's E.I. deforms.
In a joint statement, Redford, Selinger, Wall and representatives from B.C, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut called the Harper government's newly announced reforms to employment insurance a "good first step" while suggesting more could be done.

("Redford's energy plan supported by western premiers." May 20, 2011. CBC)
At least, I think that's the reason Selinger's supporting regressive deforms of Employment Insurance. There's other possibilities, though. Some other possibilities are he doesn't care about the issue at all, didn't read the statement before signing it, did it after being bargained with by some other chip the more rightwing premiers had, or genuinely thinks E.I. deform is a good policy. The last option is the most damning for a supposedly social democratic premier.

While there's six workers for every job opening overall in Canada, there are some particular cases where "labour shortages" exist. A lot of resource sector industries are such cases. There's a shortage of petrol workers affects Fort McMurray , but the mining sector is also facing a skilled worker shortage. Thompson, Manitoba and other places in the North of this Province are sites of mining operations. Good-paying mining jobs have attracted many workers into the sector in Thompson, which has left the retail sector understaffed. Perhaps Selinger thinks that with poorer E.I. benefits more people would be filling up the jobs in Thompson, MB and other resource cities/towns in parts of Western Canada. I'm really not sure that E.I. benefits would are lucrative enough to make this a big factor, though (the mines/other resource companies eating up most of the labour force with lucrative jobs are probably the biggest if not sole factor).
Regardless, sacrificing countless workers across Canada to satisfy a few employers in smaller, highly untypical labour markets is disgraceful. If Selinger is doing this, he lacks the moral integrity to be a good social democratic Premier.


  1. Unemployed Manitoba Workers Thrown under the Bus ?

    At Least THE BUS is GREEN !

    The Premier donated $1 Million of our Tax Dollars towards the GREEN BUS.
    Manitoba Hydro donated $1 Million of our RatePayers' dollars to the bus ...
    New Flyer put $1 Million into the development
    costs ...

    Sam Katz has yet to announce The City will buy a fleet of these GREEN busses ...
    at $3 Million a piece !

    1. So? $1 Million isn't that much for such an innovative development and, once the electric transit industry starts going in this province, it's possible to integrate it with Hydroelectric development to make Manitoba a hub of electric transit. Given ever-rising petrol costs, there's certainly demand for such an undertaking and profit in the very near future.

      Honestly, this comment embodies the stupid "I'll save a buck now and low thousands down the line" attitude anti-public investment "fiscal conservatives" posse.

  2. The Analyst said ...
    So? $1 Million is not that much ... Blah Blah Blah ...
    Honestly, This comment embodies the stupid .. Blah Blah ...?

    Analyze This ...
    A Wise Canadian once said "Whats a Million?"
    In this case it is flack ... Smoke and Mirrors
    I want to save Manitobans and Hydro from a MASSIVE DEBT ...
    By 2020 Hydro Debt PRINCIPAL is over $50 BILLION ...
    What's a MIllion?

    Thanks for the forum ...