Monday, 21 May 2012

Where are the attack ads against Harper?

Stephen Harper and his Conservative minions have been doing one stupid thing after another. Thomas Mulcair, quite wisely, preempted CON attack ads on him with his own image defining ads. Some people are asking where the anti-Mulcair ads are. I have something to ask as well: WHERE ARE THE ANTI-HARPER ADS?

I mean, think about it. Harper spends years sullying Leaders of the Official Opposition on some rather petty stuff (such as the beverage of choice of a certain former Official Opposition Leader). It takes a lot of work to successfully instil a public perception about a politician in the public consciousness, but the Conservatives have succeeded at it enough to win big enough pluralities in Canada's winner-take-all system to win a majority of the seats.

 Since Harper has mastered mixed personally-based/issue-based negative campaigning, using pretty dishonest tactics, why can't the NDP start honestly reminding people of the many piling scandals the Federal CONS are embroiled in right now? Maybe it's party finances, but some good issue-based attack ads against Stephen Harper and his pals are needed right now.

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  1. Probably a waste of money at this point. Remember, Harper was in a constant minority and the truth was never on his side. Canadians are realizing what they got with Harper and I don't think its quite what they wanted. Cutting everything he hates, like regulation to keep our food safe and our oceans safe and our economy safe.. DON'T NEED THAT, says Harper. Too expensive. But we do need bottomless pit fighter jets.