Saturday, 23 June 2012

Please, Winnipeg, don't kick yourself in the face again!

Our mayor, playing soccer with children in the
North End in a 2010 mayoral election
photo opt gone wrong.

Image Source: CBC

Well, good ol' Sam Katz might be running for another term. Please, fellow Winnipeggers, stop robotically reelecting incumbents.

Sam Katz praises himself for developing pedestrian and cycling routes. To be honest, I really doubt that stuff wouldn't have happened Glen Murray had a few more years or Judy been elected. We probably would've had a longer rapid transit route if Katz hadn't taken to demanding Light-rail Rapid Transit (LRT) right when the BRT funding deals from other levels of government were coming in. To show for all this we have pathetically few kilometres of BRT two years later.

And, more importantly, Winnipeg would've had the honour of having a mayor who realizes big money in politics is a problem rather than one whines when it is limited because the centre-right will be hurt without it.

Also, if Judy is running again, please run a more hard-hitting campaign. The country club (small-c) conservative of Tuxedo's visionless, lethargic mayoralty needs to stop. Someone has to put a dent in his "no tax hikes unless absolutely, extra-specially, necessary" rightwing faux populism soon and show what a feckless, corporate welfare supporting hack he really is.


  1. When's the next election?

  2. I assume he won't run after being taken to court by Joe Chan for the Christmas party fiasco at Hu's Asian Bistro.

    Most people agree that it was clearly a conflict of interest and that he should have been fired.

    Does Sam Katz do anything else other than slip money into his own pockets and get caught with conflicts of interest?