Saturday, 23 June 2012

Shout Out o thon'

Economist Mel Watkins has an article out about how quintessentially Canadian "Dutch Disease" is on Straight Goods. It's worth a read and points out (as this blog has) that Western Canadian manufacturing is also depressed by a high dollar.

The June 20th edition of Winnipeg Internet Pundits (WIPs) discussed many interesting topics. Among them was rising property values along the Riverfront in Wolseley. Can't say that I share John Dobbin's optimistic assessment that this will lead to mixed development rather than gentrification.

Cherenkov has a suggestion for fixing the Confusion Corner fiasco: TUNNELS!!!  

The Green Action Centre discusses Manitoba's Green Action Plan.

 Policy Fix discusses their in-the-community based model for research.

According to a June 1, 2012 Winnipeg Free Press Article, the long and draw-out Lake Saint Martin First Nation tragedy has yet to be resolvedThe article is viewable here. The community, which was flooded out over a year ago, is still without a home. The top priority right now of the Federal government seems to be bickering with the First Nation's council over who's responsible for screening out people "ineligible" for flood compensation. This is a far cry from the response delivered to flooded out farmers and cottage owners when it came to compensation, where the political debate was largely centred on how fast the authorities - particularly the provincial authorities - were delving it out right after the flood (with Manitoba PCs urging speedier delivery and Manitoba NDPers saying they were doing it as fast as they could).

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