Friday, 15 June 2012

Why I hate the Woods in summertime

South Winnipeg Parkway

Image from Winnipeg  Trails Association
Well, in this warm, sunny weather I took a trip down to the Forks. There, I looked for the Assiniboine Parkway - I'd been on that trail a few times a couple of months ago, but it's exact location was fuzzy in my memory (my spatial memory is piss poor). I ended up in quite a bit of dense brush along the way, finding out that the city entomologist was right: Winnipeg's infested with mosquitoes this summer.

While the sunlight and warm weather is nice each summer, the bugs really bug me. I find that even with insect repellant one is lucky to get out Winnipeg's dense urban forests without losing a few litres of blood. The bitting insects really do suck.

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