Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Finally ...attack ads against Harper!

This blog has noted that the Opposition needs aggressive, pre-election year ads out against Harper. Issue-based negative campaigning was defended a little while ago here as well. This is why I'm more than glad to see that the Federal NDP has fashioned an attack had against Harper.

Now, the "lead into the recession" may be a tad misleading - the recession was a global macroeconomic event. However, Harper's inaction and delirious plans in that infamous 2008 fiscal update would've made matters a lot worse had the Opposition not forced his hand into delivering stimulus through the threat of coalition. The half-heartedness of the stimulus has lead to higher unemployment than necessary. Clearly, a portion of the mess is of Harper's own doing.

I wouldn't fixate on the deficit, as deficit-spending may be necessary in times of such weak consumer demand. Still, a big part of the deficit has been caused by Harper's corporate tax breaks, which do nothing to boast consumer demand (even tax cuts for consumers tend not to boast consumer demand as much as direct spending, btw) while draining government of its revenue.

The ad goes on to superbly attack Harper for his class warfare against the poor, particularly his OAS deforms and his E.I. deforms. The E.I. deforms, by forcing overqualified engineers and others into lower level positions, I suspect will displace students and increase teenage and youth unemployment. Entry-level jobs will be filled by people not entry-level at all. In addition to being class warfare, these deforms also constitute a particularly nasty form of intergenerational warfare. Which is all the more reason for the NDP to hammer away at them.

The ads are overall effective and highlight Conservative economic mismanagement. More ads like these are needed to reveal the CONs as the party of tried and untrue trickle down economics and social darwinism.

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