Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Judy gearing up for a 2014 run?

Judy Wasylycia-Leis, a Winnipeg MP for 13 years, ran against Sam Katz for mayor in 2010. In the 2010 race the country club conservative incumbent mayor, Sam Katz, claimed that Judy Wasylycia-Leis's tax plans could cost poor Winnipeggers their homes.  He did so by sending out robocalls.

This Slurpees and Murder youtube video captures the essence of Katz's robocall campaign.

Subsequently, of course, Katz hiked property taxes.

Last november Judy Wasylycia-Leis stated that she was "certainly thinking" about running again.

And a few weeks ago she was commenting on surface parking lot redevelopment:

Develop clear planRe: Solution for 'eyesores' elusive (June 15). The necessary redevelopment of Winnipeg's surface parking lots won't happen by issuing a vague directive and then moaning and groaning when results don't magically appear. 
It's not enough for Mayor Sam Katz to simply say, "Here's a tax incentive, now make it happen." I urge Katz to take the ideas that we raised two years ago in the last mayoral campaign for developing a clear plan that shifts the focus away from surface parking lots and encourages the development of multi-level parkades and multi-use facilities. 
That means getting business and downtown stakeholders to the table to recommend a tax-incentive structure that works best for our city, investing the $24 million from the questionable sale of the Winnipeg Square parking garage in projects that combine retail, housing and community space with multi-tiered parking, and drawing on best practices from cities around the globe where cohesive, vibrant, liveable streets are a reality. 
As Coun. Jenny Gerbasi astutely noted, tax incentives may not be enough, but we won't know without priority given to an actual plan that is debated on the floor of council and contains actual timelines for implementation. 
Whether we're talking about water parks, rapid transit or surface parking lots, it is clear that the public is best served when all the facts are on the table, stakeholders are consulted and meaningful planning takes place. 
("Have Your Say". June 19, 2012. Winnipeg Free Press: Letters to the Editor.)

The country club conservative is also thinking of running again, so 2014 could be a rematch. If this is the case one can only hope that Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Katz's other challengers run a more hard-hitting campaign.

A fake "man of the people" with a near million dollar home in Tuxedo who's stalled on rapid transit and opposes P3 accountability surely must be vulnerable. His deeds as mayor certainly warrant attack ads.


  1. The quickest way to get challengers to mayors and reeves in Manitoba is to allows councillors to run for mayor without resigning their seat to do so. They need only resign if they win.

    I don't think the present law would withstand a constitutional challenge. It is undemocratic.

  2. Really? Running again.

    The electorate deserves credible candidates. We haven't had them for years. Judy running again won't change that.

    1. Please define your notion of a "credible candidate".

  3. Yeah, cuz Sammy screams credibility.