Saturday, 7 July 2012

Marni "No Fly Zone" Larkin appointed to the CBC board

Well, the linchpin of Winnipeg conservatism, Marni "No Fly Zone" Larkin, was appointed to the CBC's Board of Directors. The Harper Government's Minister of Heritage insists that she's qualified, so I'm sure this is a merit-based decision. If you're sure too then I got some land in Florida I'd like to show you.

But one question remains: Will the U of W be a "no fly zone" for CBC reporters?


  1. If CBC is looking for Cons @ The U of W, they aren't going to find them.

    1. I guess it's only a matter of time before the Harper CONs import this lovely idea from south of the 49th parallel.

  2. Appointing a Con hack with an ideological bent against the CBC to the CBC board? Yeah, I guess if you live in that world it also makes sense to appoint Vic Toews to the Court of Appeal. Disgusting.