Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mynarski Minutes

Ross Eadie - the city councillor for the Mynarski ward - has a "Mynarski minutes" video series up. His most recent clip deals with the piss poor state of many back lanes.


Now, I recall living near a lane like the number 2 worse lane while in the North End. It was a brute - seemingly unchangeable - fact of life that roads would be pot-hole infested and worn as hell.

Eadie's done a great service by making the concerns of the North End visible to a larger audience via video. In many ways, the neighbourhoods' concerns are invisible due to a combination of less political power (the residents are poorer and voter turnout is low) and geographic segregation. The downtown, while possessing many neighbourhoods with low voter turnout, high poverty, and rampant social problems is at least close enough to well to do areas to warrant considerable media attention.

All in all I wish Eadie luck in empowering this often forgotten part of Winnipeg.


  1. I've amused myself by pretending that Ross is the one driving in the video. Look out! Theres a car! Oh No!! I'm bad. Sorry Ross.

    I don't think the lack of action on back lanes is because of the socio-economic plight of people in the ward, but because of a belief that back lanes are anachronistic and a waste of money.. easy to ignore, and a pain to fix, with little upside or recognition. I also notice how the Autobins make the backlanes look so much uglier. Can't wait til they're gone.

    I wonder if that's why those weird freak streets exist.. with a backlane for one house serving as the front for another. That didn't work out well either. Although it could have perhaps if housing designs were more creative to make the most use of such a setting.

    1. You've been watching Scent of a Woman a little too much.