Monday, 30 July 2012

Prediction on Pallister platform

Image Source: Shenela Tavarayan 

John Dobbin is offering Pallister suggestions on how to appeal to suburban women. Most of his suggestions seem like they were from a Manitoba Liberal (which they were) and are probably anathema to the PC's rightwing conservative base. The only one I could see Pallister adopting is rent decontrol - not in the campaign but during a Premiership.

The Manitoba PCs will certainly try to appeal to suburban women voters next election, but not with bold daycare promises. Rather, I'm expecting platforms filled with pledges to expand some of the province's boutique tax credits in ways that appeal to middle class women. The plans, targeted at middle class suburban women, will leave working poor moms and dads in the cold without daycare spaces. 

Last election we saw the two parties trying to out-boutique each other with tax credits. The credits really don't help poor Manitobans, complicate the tax code, and are much less effective than direct public social investment. But they're good politics, especially for those who want to starve social programs of revenue.    

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