Monday, 9 July 2012

Sam Katz's record

42nd Mayor of Winnipeg,
and fake populist with a near million
dollar home
, Sam Katz.

Image Source: Wikipedia

I've recently stumbled across an old (Dec. 3, 2010) post that "KJAM" has on The Media Co-op site. It notes similarities to the ideology of then-recently elected TO Mayor Rob Ford and Sam Katz. The similarities in the style of fake populism both country club conservatives employed was also discussed.

Some wondrous features of the 42nd Winnipeg mayoralty detailed includes:

  • The Mayor's distain for public workers. 
  • The Mayor's eagerness to contract out & quasi-privatize city services, notably garbage collection and waste/water management. 
  • The Mayor's inaction on rapid transit.
  • The mean-spirited laws against panhandlers passed under Katz's mayoralty. 
  • The poverty of the city's anti-poverty strategy under Katz's watch. 
  • The less than"fiscally responsible" situation the City's been through under Katz's watch.
I'm not sure about the motivation KJAM assigned to Sam Katz's inaction on Rapid Transit, though. I really do think that, rather than opposing it, Katz is just that incompetent.


  1. Don't swallow your tongue when he gets re-elected!

  2. He seems to treat his mayoral duties as an aside afterthought. "Oh, I'll give it a look when I return from Phoenix with my trophy wife."

    1. It's only a matter of time, I predict, before he buys a mansion in Florida.