Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Take note

A contentious issue in the 2010 mayoral election was Sam Katz's Veolia deal. The Veolia deal was a Public-Private Partnership (P3) in which the multinational Veolia would help manage two waste-water plants. The details of the Veolia P3 deal were kept secret - from the public and even from councillors!

Public-Private Partnerships are very contentious in part because bad book-keeping was the original reason for them. Check this out for more info.

 Now the rationale is that private entities are just better at securing financial capital and industrial capital than inefficient public administrators.

In our city, the mayor has championed them. Unfortunately, he went on to oppose Provincial P3 Accountability legislation.

 A city report is now saying that the P3 deal will save Winnipeg $1.5 million. Is P3 procurmenet so stupendously more efficient than traditional procurement or is the city government being overly-optimistic? Time shall tell.