Sunday, 29 July 2012

Today's NDP: Screwing Manitobans from the Right

Today's NDP, yesterday's red Tories.

Image Source: Blend of Manitoba NDP
and Progressive Conservative Party
Of Canada logos
as obtained from
their respective wikipedia articles.
Point Douglas New Democrat Sel Burrows has an op-ed out in The Winnipeg Free Press. While praising the Manitoba NDP on hydro development, progressive taxation, and the flood, he notes some major policy failures: the embrace of a dumb on crime policy and the persistence of deep poverty in the inner-city. I'd go on to add a litany of other blunders conducted by the blinkered, Doerist NDP.

Short supply of daycare spaces is a major
 challenge for working poor 
single parents in the province.

Image Source:
    Lake Saint Martin First Nation members 
    protesting the poor conditions and 
    flooding that's affected their

    The long, drawn out crisis 

    of Lake Saint Martin
    First Nation

    the realities facing many rural
    aboriginal communities in this province.

    Image Source: CBC
  • The lack of bold action when it comes to addressing structural, racialized poverty on First Nations reserves and in urban aboriginal populations. 
Image Source: Manitoba Federation of Labour
All in all, the legacy of the Doer-initiated "Today's NDP" era will be one of timidity and small accomplishments. Future generations will see a province that did alright, but persisted with a variety of structural challenges the government of the day lacked the boldness to address, instead shifting to the right for short-term electoral gains. Hopefully, though, Tomorrow's NDP will be better.

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  1. I don't disagree with a lot of your points, except the BU strike issue. The NDP was essentially silent on the strike, and allowed it to go on for far too long, ruining the term for many students. Today's NDP are the best conservative government we're ever had. Unfortunately for Pallister, he'll have to go full tilt Reform in order to distinguish himself from Sellinger.