Monday, 16 July 2012

The War on Women & Winnipeg South MP Rod Bruinooge

Bei Bei Shuai, jailed for over a year in Indiana because
her fetus died after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Indiana has no

 laws against suicide, so she was charged under feticide laws. 

Winnipeg South CON MP Rod Bruinooge voted for
 a feticide law (Bill C-484) in the second session of the
39th parliament in 2008.

Image Source: The Useless Tree
Dr Dawg details a truly despicable case in Indiana, where a woman - Bei Bei Shuai - is being charged with "feticide". An unsuccessful suicide attempt resulted in the fetus's death, so Shuai was arrested and jailed for over a year. Below is a link to an interview a Guardian interview with her.

Shuai was released on bail upon the condition of wearing a GPS ankle bracelet. The law was drafted in 1979 with abusive boyfriends and other third parties who'd kill the fetus in mind. 

Rod Bruinooge, Winnipeg South MP and chair
 of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus.

Image Source: CBC
Edmonton-Sherwood Park CON MP tried to pass a feticide law in 2008 (he didn't run for re-election that year). It was similarly (or, at least, purportedly) designed to convict abusive third parties. Fortunately, given the similar Indiana law's disgusting implications, it was killed due to an election call after passing second reading.

One MP who voted for it was Winnipeg South CON MP Rod Bruinooge (see Bill C-484).

 Bruinooge is at the forefront of the war on women's reproductive rights. He chairs the parliamentary pro-life caucus, a rather secretive organization that doesn't seem to publicly release info in it's MP supporters.

If one would like to ask Bruinooge what his thoughts are on the Indiana case or who his fellow Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus members are, please click this hyperlink

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  1. While no doubt these types of laws can and will be misused by anti-abortion types, I'd think the main reason for feticide laws is to ensure anyone who kills or harms the unborn child of a pregnant woman will receive appropriate punishment for their crime. It should probably be up to the mother as to whether such charges apply.