Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Winnipeg MPs and the Feticide Bill

In a previous post Rod Bruinooge's support of the a feticide law was discussed. It'd be unfair to portray him as one of a small fringe of socially conservative parliamentarians on this issue, though. Stephen Harper himself voted for Bill C-484 (the feticide bill). 93% of Conservative MPs supported the bill, as did a good helping of Liberals. Feticide laws a running amok south of the border, criminalizing the choices of many pregnant women. Which Winnipeg MPs in the 39th parliament voted for this horrible law, which passed second reading and was only killed due to an election call?

The voting of then- Winnipeg MPs on the feticide
 bill. Largely falls along partisan lines, with CONs
voting for it (Joy Smith "paired" her vote), New
Democrat Bill Blaikie abstaining, and Raymond
Simard voting yes.

Chart constructed by The Analyst based on
"How'd they vote" data for the second
reading of bill C-484
Given Kady O'Malley's suggestion that Bill Blaikie was a member of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, to see him "abstain" from this crucial vote doesn't inspire confidence among those for reproductive justice. It's difficult to prove or disprove O'Malley's claim, given that the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus's membership is largely secret (though you can try emailing Rod Bruinooge for a membership list).  Bill Blaikie has subsequently resigned from politics.

Aside from Joy Smith, who paired her vote, all Winnipeg Conservatives voted in favour of the bill. Raymond Simard voted in favour of the bill as well (he was subsequently unseated by CON Shelly Glover). 

New Democrats Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Pat Martin both voted against the feticide bill. Judy resigned from parliament to run for Mayor of Winnipeg in 2010. Pat is stilling fighting the good fight. 

Anita Neville voted against the motion and was defeated in 2011 - in part due to vote-splitting from Orange Crush. 

All the CON MPs are still in parliament. 

Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to send Steven Fletcher an email asking him what he thinks about this

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