Friday, 31 August 2012

Transparency at City Hall...

... or not.

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Audacious August indeed!

Well, August has definitely been an audacious month for this blog. This month's hit my secretly and lustfully sought after goal of five thousand page views for a month. Hopefully, by the end of August 2013 this blog'll hit 10,000 page views a month!

I probably won't be posting at this rate (a good one plus post a day) for a little while, FYT for readers.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Right on, Leger Marketing

Democratic Socialist CCF appealing
to the prairies with a leftwing populist
message during the middle of the 20th

Image Source: Next Year Country
Earlier I wrote about the ideological self-identification of people in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I was particularly interested in dissecting an EKOS poll which gave respondents the option of small-l "liberal", small-c "conservative", and "neither". I viewed this as problematic for a region with many left-leaning Dipper partisans who may not quite like a term like "liberal" that's so strongly associated with a particular party (the Liberal Party).

Leger Marketing, a few months after the EKOS survey, conducted their own survey with an ideological self-identification component. The Leger Marketing survey gave the options of "Left wing", "Centre-left", "Centre", "Centre-right", "Right wing", and "Don't Know". This, especially alongside the EKOS survey, is a very useful tool for making educated guesses about the political psyche of the prairies.

Like the EKOS survey, the Leger Marketing Survey offered regional breakdowns. At least according to the the release I've linked to, Leger Marketing hasn't broken down ideological self-positioning by other measures (partisanship, gender, age) like EKOS did.

The margin of error (MOE) for Manitoba/Saskatchewan isn't given in the Leger Survey. For 1, 506 respondents the MOE is 2.5% and the sample size for MB/SK is 125, so I'd assume it's big like the EKOS survey, a good 8-10%. Results should be taken with a considerable spoonful of salt. 

With all warnings obligatorily given, let's dive in. 

Results from EKOS and Leger Marketing surveys compared, click to make larger. 
For EKOS the "Don't Know" response is surprisingly smaller than in the Leger Marketing Survey. Perhaps "liberal-conservative-neither" politics is really easier to grasp in Canada than "left-right" politics. A Compass poll back in 2004, after all, showed that many Canadians didn't position the parties on an left-right scale the way political scientists would (only 47% of respondents positioned the then-recently defunct Alliance Party to the right of the NDP, for instance). Still, there's a great risk that  Canadians are just confusing small-l liberalism or small c-conservatism with the Liberal and Conservative parties in the EKOS survey. Neither guarantees that the public has a firm grasp of the ideologies talked about.

When given the option of the "centre" it looks like many respondents hover there. Over a third of people in the MB/SK choose the centre, showing that our region has the greatest portion of centrists in all of Canada. The total right is greater than the total left, but is nothing like the whopping 54 to 23 gap in the EKOS poll for small-c conservatives vs small-l liberals.

Also interestingly, it seems that the centre-left and centre-right are rather evenly matched, allowing for a competitive fight between left-leaning and right-leaning parties come election time.

Percentage of respondents in each ideological category
according to the Leger Marketing Survey.

The prefix free "left wing" (3%) still is smaller than the prefix free "right wing" (8%), but a high MOE should make us weary of interpreting too much into this.

All in all, a rather interesting look at the two prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It indicates a rather centre-hugging electorate, with enough centre-left and centre-right voters to make elections competitive. Which is exactly what we see tend to see, "NDP dynasty" talk aside.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hilarious ad from south of the border

It's quite a humorous ad. Most people, I think, realize that Romney isn't literally going to take money out of your pocket but will rather redistribute income upwards, like countless rightists in Anglo-American nations have done, through conservative corporate welfare state measures. 

Still wonder if Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister would consider this ad "smearing the poor guy" know as Mitt Romney. Pallister, of course, opined on US politics by chastising Barack Obama's "smearing" of "poor guy" Mitt Romney while speaking to a room full of people. 

I do think there's an opportunity as a political party for us to do something that has not been done .. and that is this: In this age of smearing, of negativity, of negative ads, of badmouthing, of half-truth ... Watching Obama go after Romney in the States right now -he's not even using data, research, or fact. He's just smearing the poor guy. [My emphasis added]


I ask you this, can we not ... can we not conduct ourselves as people who have respect for other people? Can we not lead the way in behaving as if our children were here, watching us, every step of the way? 
 (Brian Pallister, speaking to supporters - on or before June 13, 2012)
Under my judgement, Pallister's falling a bit short of this lofty goal. Still wondering what "smears" Obama delivered, as his camp's ads seem factually correct as does this third party MoveOn.Org ad.

Is honestly stating the agenda of rightwing, upward wealth redistributionist politicians "smears"? Also wonder what Pallister's economic plans will include, once he devises an actual platform above "Not the NDP".

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Manitoba election results, 1958-2007

Before, of course, the 2011 election - where another riding went orange despite a fall in the popular vote for the Dippers.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nights getting cooler

Image Source:
Well, audacious August is coming to an end. The nights are getting cooler and I can't help but realize this trend will migrate further into the day with the upcoming weeks. Before you know it, it'll be winter. I better start planning to winterize the bike shortly - time flies fast, especially around fall.

I really hope construction progresses faster and that the Pembina underpass cyclist death trap problem is fixed come snowfall. Because if that underpass sucks in summer, can you imagine what'll happen when snows clogging up the far-right lane as the road ices up?

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NHL "largely happy" with current system

Image Source: Heritage Classic Tickets blog
The NHL is largely happy with the current economic system, but has made no secret of the fact it would like to see the end to heavily front-loaded, long-term contacts. As part of its proposal, deals would be capped at five years and would be required to pay the same amount each season.

("NHL collective bargaining talks cancelled for the day, will resume Thursday"The Canadian Press (August 22, 2012).)

This doesn't seem like an imminent, structural problem for the NHL - it just seems like the commissioner is being stubborn, digging in his heels to get the best possible deal imaginable.

This could cost us part of a season of hockey, less the players union or commissioner budge before Sept. 15.

Missing some kickass Jets games will suck.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Green Party candidate for Fort Whyte

Fort Whyte Green

Image Source: Winnipeg Metro (who
obtained it from a supplied photo). 
The Green Party of Manitoba has a candidate running in the Fort Whyte by-election: Donnie Benham. Like Liberal contender Bob Axeworthy, the Green candidate has some politically involved relatives. Donald Benham (Sr) was the the River Heights-Fort Gary city councillor from 2004 to 2006

Donnie Benham has experience as a security guard, Air Cadet, and volunteer with Downtown Watch. He's one of the younger candidates running in the Fort Whyte by-election - which he sees as an asset. Benham also claims as a positive the fact that he doesn't have "old-line parties to hold loyalty to".

Good ol' straight-talking Doer

When it became convienient, of course, Gary Doer would stress just how much he was "not Howard Pawley".

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Time to resurrect the Winnipeg Citizens Coalition

Winnipeg Citizens Coalition logo.

Image Source: Winnipeg Citizens
The Winnipeg Citizens Coalition was founded as a coalition of left-leaning, progressive Winnipeggers in a similar vein to Vision Vancouver or People for a Better Ottawa. There were many thoughts on what the Winnipeg Citizens Coalition would be after it's founding, from a totally extra-parliamentary pressure group to a de facto municipal party that endorses specific candidates to prevent centre-left vote splitting. While it settled on a broad vision, the group seems to have ran out of steam when it comes to strategies and campaigns about specific, day-to-day, municipal issues. It sort've stalled and settled into some form of organizational limbo after the 2010 municipal elections. This is very unfortunate.

Monday, 20 August 2012

NHL Schadenfreude

Recall the last Bettman lockout? Rick Mercer's attempt to ease the suffering .. foiled by copyright!!!

Well, this looming lockout I think the fans deserve a little schadenfreude at somebody's expense. And who better than Gary Bettman?

Btw, The Mowat Centre has a nice little study out showing that Canada has only a fifth of the NHL teams despite generating a third of the league's revenue. Canadians are subsidizing Bettman's largely unsuccessful Southernization strategy.

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Brian Pallister: The Paul Ryan of Manitoba?

Current Manitoba PC Leader
Brian Pallister in the House of Commons.

He has a very regressive voting record.

Image Source: Retrieved from the CBC,
who obtained it from Fred Chartrand/CanadianPress.
It's no secret that the Manitoba PCs have looked south of the border for a winning formula. Ex-PC leader Stuart Murray attended a pro-Iraq War rally, standing behind one of the vilest ideas brought forward by the American right in recent years. An anti-same-sex adoption rights stance was championed by the provincial Conservatives as well, no doubt taking a page from US Republican culture warriors. Fortunately for compassionate, hard working Manitobans, this hasn't worked out for the PC Party.

Current PC Leader Brian Pallister is clearly watching US politics.  The lead provincial Tory laments Obama's "smearing" of "poor guy" Mitt Romney. And by smearing, I guess he means pointing out the fact that Romney's being evasive about his taxes.

But it's the Republican Vice Presidential candidate who really seems to inspire the Tory leader. Pallister is Manitoba's answer to US Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. Just think of the parallels, especially after reading this Krugman piece:

All in all, this sums matters up... 

American Conservatives: Generating & exporting bad ideas for years.

Manitoba Conservatives: Embracing bad ideas for years. 

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"Fiscal conservative" should be a dirty word

The government must, at least in bust years, invest
money to keep aggregate demand afloat.

Modern Monetary Theorists (MMT) are a bit more radical,
but this one the right idea in this economic context.

Image Source: MMT Wiki
The major reason Howard Pawley is hated is for doing the economically responsible thing and increasing spending during a downturn. It's seen nowadays as "irresponsible" and "imprudent" to run deficits under any circumstance, especially if one leads a party of the left. "Fiscally conservative" is a much valued praise word, with many modern politicos going out of their way to identify themselves as "socially progressive and fiscally conservative". Hell, I even know someone who's said "I'm fiscally conservative in politics because I'm fiscally conservative with my own finances".

The problem is that the government budget is not a personal or household budget.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Looming Lockout

Image Source: Heritage Classic Tickets blog
2012 NHL lockout is looming. Gary Bettman, once again, is showing off his stellar labour relations. Here in Winnipeg downtown businesses here are fearing for the worst - the Jets have been a major boon to to restaurants and shops in the area, bringing new blood back to the core. No Jets games means an uncertain fall/winter.

This is all happening because Gary Bettman apparently thinks that the strenuously negotiated system from last lockout urgently needs updating. Cost saving plans from the players association just aren't enough for this man, he needs it all, fans be damned.

It's such a shame there's going to be a season delay, the Jets have such a nice lineup.

How many crises, bad franchise location decisions, and just plain incompetent choices does Bettman have to make before he's sacked?

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Gary Doer "living the dream"

20th Manitoba Premier and
Canada's current Ambassador
to the United States Gary Doer.

He's been advancing Harper's dirty
oil agenda in the DC beltway.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Gary Doer's apparently "living the dream" as Ambassador to the US, according to a hagiographic article by the Canadian Press.

There was a lot of buzz and speculation among Manitoba politicos when Doer was picked by Harper to be Canada's US ambassador. Was Harper trying to help the provincial Tories win by removing an effective retail politician from the Dipper's leadership? Was this some sort've olive branch, a sign of Harper's moderation? The truth of the matter is that he wasn't concerned with parochial partisan politics, he needed an effective salesman for the oil sands and Doer's one of the best retail politicians in the country.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Steady retreat of Manitoban Social Democracy

Today's NDP, yesterday's red Tories.

Image Source: Blend of Manitoba NDP
and Progressive Conservative Party
Of Canada logos
 as obtained from
their respective wikipedia articles.
Errol Black and Jim Silver have an article out on Policy Fix that talks about the declining aspirations of the Manitoba NDP since the Pawley/Schreyer years. Coincidentally, I wrote a post about the greatly under appreciated Pawley Premiership a week ago and typed out a post on the Today's NDP's rightward drift a few weeks ago- so this sort've all ties in.  

As the authors in the Policy Fix/Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives article point out, the willingness to run deficits in a severe recession kept the Manitoba economy strong in the early 1980s. Regardless of whether other dippers were afraid of the "spendthrift" image deficit-spennding during a recession would create for their party, it was the  correct policy response. Pawley showed much courage and honour in pursuing it, along with pushing for pay equity, stronger workplace safety rules, and adding sexual orientation to the human rights code.

The 18th Premier of Manitoba made decisions, regardless of being out of vogue right now, that were much more courageous than what the 20th Premier and present oil sands salesman would be capable of.  

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Toews Judgeship a real possibility

Judge Toews?

Image Source: Wikipedia
Well, according to Don Martin, Vic Toews has a real shot at filling the opening on the Manitoba Court of Appeals - the highest court in our province. I'm sure that Vic Toews, whose railed for years against "judicial activism", will just execute the law as it is written. He sure as heck won't use his legal background to sophistically argue for extending government spying or to push an anti-civil liberties, radically rightwing agenda ... right?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"Positive" Pallister

Brian Pallister speaking to seniors in
Grunthal, Manitoba.

Image Source: Dawson Trail Dispatch
The purportedly positive Pallister is now effectively campaigning for the Premiership. This is his chance to declare his positive vision for Manitoba. As we all know (or not), Pallister utterly disfavours the negative, "dirty" campaigning of people like Greg Selinger or Barack Obama.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fort Whyte by-election a trial ground for Tory GOTV operations

Recently crowned PC leader Brian Pallister.

Image Source: Dawson Trail Dispatch
On the evening of August 8 Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister was announced as his party's candidate for the Fort Whyte by-election.

As a continuation of his on-going positive message for Fort Whyte residents, Pallister asserted that "the NDP is not good at governing" before claiming that they're "good at campaigns".

The PC leader intends to use this by-election to test out his party's ability to mobilize campaign workers and volunteers into targeted ridings. In short, they want to fine-tune their Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation.

I'm sure all his years in the Federal Alliance/CON Machine will help him in this endeavour. The CONs are certainly efficient at mobilizing their base. Then again, the CONs' greatest opponent up until the 2011 Federal election was an utterly dysfunctional, deeply divided political party. In Manitoba the governing NDP is more likely to keep an eye on some of the more disagreeable aspects of rightwing base-mobilizing. Will Pallister's Alliance/CON experience be an asset, liability, or mixed blessing?

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Harrow Street has two nice bike lanes

Nice Harrow Street Bike lane.

Photo taken by the Analyst. 
There's one street in the city with a pretty impressive bike lane - or, rather, bike lanes, as they run on both sides of the street. They're certainly not overly linked up with other bike infrastructure in the city (but do run along some residential streets that I'm sure serve as "bike only" places at certain times of day). The lanes make up for this shortcoming in their distance - covering a few kilometres from Wellington Crescent to near the Pembina underpass. These bike lanes are the Harrow Street bike lanes.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Working Class Environmental Hero

Image Source: TALBOT

(Obtained from here
Remember how pro-Keystone/Gateway pipeline hack Ezra Levant moaned and whined about "downtown eco-activsts"? The generation Xer insulted many out of work or underemployed millennials, implying that poor degree choices like "peace studies" rather than a global economy driven into the ground by conservative policies was to blame.

Whilst insulting environmentally conscious downtown residents, Levant typecast them all as coffee-shop employees. Yet from Toronto to Winnipeg to Edmonton there exists one of the most solidly blue-collar and green-collar jobs out there: bicycle courier. It's a predominantly "downtown" job and it certainly involves a lot of "physical labour".

Perhaps if country club conservative opinion leaders left their bubble a bit more often they'd realize this.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Liberals have a Fort Whyte candidate

Bob Axeworthy photographed with a team
he coaches.

Image Source: John Dobbin
The Manitoba Liberal Party has a candidate out in Fort Whyte, an Axeworthy no less. The NDP has previously declared a candidate and PC leader Brian Pallister will likely be his party's nominee.

Bob Axeworthy - the brother of Lloyd Axeworthy (a cabinet minister in the Chretien Liberal government and current UofW president)  and 13 year Fort Whyte resident will carry the Liberal banner. Axeworthy has experience helping out with a community club in the area and coaching in Winnipeg. He's also a small business owner.

The Manitoba Liberals are in a tough spot. Given political polarization, red Liberals might swing NDP while blue Liberals go for the PCs. True dead centre centrists are few and far between

Is Bob the man to win the Liberals a non-leader seat and renewed spot in Manitoba's provincial politics? Time will tell.

(Hat tip to John Dobbin)

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Recently saw the Winnipeg Sun...

... at a Starbucks (I had to meet some folks their, I'd never go & buy overpriced tea of my own accord).

They had copies of The Winnipeg Sun.

Wonder what the costumers would make of the fact that the paper ran Ezra Levant column associating the franchise with pretentious "downtown eco-activists".

Or, for that matter, what people in Calgary Centre - the federal riding which boasts the most Starbucks - would make of the propagandistic association.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pawley on Premiership

18th Premier of Manitoba Howard Pawley discusses his premiership. This video is a year old and was conducted in the process of Pawley promoting his autobiography.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Manitoba Greens fight for Fair Playing Field

Manitoba Greens are concerned about the
democratic financing of provincial

Image Source: Wikipedia
The Green Party of Manitoba came out swinging against Today's (Manitoba) NDP's changes to the public financing of provincial campaigns in early June.

As you may recall, the NDP party elite bought hook, line and sinker the Manitoba PC line that democratic financing of elections is a wasteful "vote tax". The NDP - contrary to the wishes of its membership - stopped accepting vote subsidies. This went a long way in delegitimizing the practice.  

The NDP Government is amending the Elections Act to put public financing decisions in the hands of an "independent" commissioner. The amendment is pushed through in Bill C-33 or The Election Financing and Elections Amendment Act.

More embarrassments to Manitoba...

Provencher CON MP & Minister
of Public Safety Vic Toews.

As we all know, people tasked
 with public safety
 never  overstep the bounds of reason

Image Source: Wikipedia
via emails ... which I can't help but think would be entertaining to read.

This is a politician who has become renowned among a small audience of Manitoba political junkies for sending out long, rambling, emails to his "supporters," in which he angrily attacks opposition MPs, journalists and anyone else with the temerity to disagree with him. As a regular target of these emails, I have never responded to the tortured logic or his tenuous grasp of the facts. He is entitled to have his say. If anyone asked me for a reaction to his rants, I merely directed them to take note of the time the emails were sent -- which more often than not was somewhere around 3 a.m. -- and then expressed my regret that I had written something that caused Toews to lose sleep.

("From sweet tweets to full Twitter attack". Dan Lett (March 9, 2012) Winnipeg Free Press)
I don't know about you, but there's something creepy about the thought of Vic Toews up at 3:00 AM typing angry emails to Dan Lett. It's still amusing, in a very darkly comedic kind've way.

I have to wonder what it is about the calling of public safety that produces so many "with us or against us" type people. This attitude can lead to some pretty whacky (on good days) antics, like Toews twitter feud against the Liberal Party of Canada. On bad days, well, read some history.

All in all, Vic Toews remains quite an embarrassment to this province - even if his whacky antics are amusing from time to time. He must resign, promptly.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Brian Pallister wants to (& very, very likely will) run in Fort Whyte

Recently acclaimed PC Leader Brian Pallister

& prospective PC nominee for Fort Whyte.

NDP candidate for Fort Whyte Brandy Schmidt.

Image Sources: Global Winnipeg (Top)

Today's NDP (Bottom)
Recently crowned Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister is seeking the PC nomination for Fort Whyte. The new leader want to represent the same riding as the old leader.

The New Democrats have nominated Brandy Schmidt to run under their party's banner in Fort Whyte. She has a BA in International Development from the UofW, did work as a TA, and has done work for charities. She's a new face in terms of retail politics, though, and lacks a lengthy record in the civil service.

Fort Whyte is a rather safe PC seat and Pallister will almost certainly be the PC nominee and next MLA for the riding.

Now, in the run-up to the Fort Whyte by-election and resignation of MLA Hugh McFadyen, what is the positive message the Tories and Pallister have for Fort Whyte and Manitoba?

Change the PCs' name?

Image Source: The Guardian
Bert Nieuwenhuis has an article out in The Morden Times asserting that recently crowned Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister is an old guard career politician and won't steer the Manitoba PCs into new era. He also asserts that there's nothing "progressive" about today's PCs and requests a name change.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

For the love of Manitoba Vic Toews must resign

Vic "with us or with the child pornographers"
current MP for Provencher (Top).

Statue of Louis Riel, father of Manitoba and
 3rd Provencher MP, outside
the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Image Sources: National Post (Top)

The Analyst's camera (Bottom)
Vic Toews is an on-going embarrassment to our province. To add insult to the injury that is having such a reprehensible character representing Manitobans is that his riding - Provencher - elected father of Manitoba Louis Riel to parliament.

Toews's MP-ship is a stain on the proud history of Provencher and Manitoba. He must resign so as to stop making an ass of himself, Provencher, and Manitoba. Us Manitobans don't deserve this crap.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fair playing field a "small issue" to Dan Lett

Should the well off decide which parties & politicians
can and can't get their messages heard?

Removing vote subsidies gives the wealthy few
oversized influence in deciding which parties
can and can't afford to run ads.

Image Source: Gender preferences in
 hiring decisions
Back on July 5 Dan Lett spoke of "rifts" in the NDP.

Party members passed motions at the 2011 and 2012 AGMs to continue accepting the subsidy. Despite this, the executive decided to take a pass. This caused several high-profile members to rebuke the executive for disregarding the motions. It also convinced party president Lorraine Sigurdson to resign her post and not run for re-election. "I have to tell you I'm exceedingly pissed off about it," an angry Susan Hart-Kulbaba, a former MFL president, told delegates at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg. "We don't come here to sit here and make policy and not have it followed."

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ezra Levant's rightwing fake populism

Ezra Levant (top) speaking at the
 Club, a club "at the heart of the
 business district" 
in Vancouver (which certainly
 isn't cheap in the
 heavily gentrified city) which is also
 Vancouver Club.

Image Sources: Covenant Zone (Top)

niftynotcool (bottom) 
The right has a variety of lovely tricks when posing as champions of the people. These tricks usually involve turning some of the people against other people by fomenting intra-class warfare or "culture wars". America's radical right has used the "liberal elite" meme for years to jimmy apart the New Deal coalition and implement a hard-right, country club conservative agenda of trickle down economics, union busting, and corporate welfare. This agenda has driven America into the ground. In hopes of supporting a similar agenda Ezra Levant is using similar rhetorical tactics, trying to pit blue-collar workers against low-paid student workers. Hard working Canadians have to see through this ruse less they suffer a fate similar to their American counterparts.

NDP "dynasty" in Manitoba

Years in Office of successive Manitoba provincial
 governments since 1932 given that the
current NDP government serves until 2015.

The more informally partisan coalition of Liberals
and Progressives served as government of Manitoba
for much longer than "Today's NDP". Selinger
will have to win a few more elections to rival that

Image constructed by The Analyst
There's been a lot of hay made about the "NDP dynasty" in Manitoba, the lack of any challengers to recently crowned PC leader Brian Pallister, all illustrating the utter hopelessness and despair among the province's opposition parties. Am I the only person who seems to realize that while four terms is a bit longer than average, it's not something unfathomable in Manitoba politics?

I mean, Gary Doer lost thrice before becoming Premier. Building up political capital and clout does takes some time in this province but pays off.

 Others, though, believe a "dynasty" is forming. A wingnut has even taken to using Manitoba's allegedly "bloated public sector" as the reason the PCs will never return to office. Except the PCs have formed government in the past, when public workers as a share of the workforce were only a few percentage points lower. Furthermore, if Winnipeg can send MPs to Ottawa that support the Harper agenda of cutting transfers to this provinces (which impacts the financing of Manitoba's public sector) then why is it impossible for the PCs to gain traction provincially?

The NDP spent a lot of time in the 1990s rebuilding to get where they are today. Still, it has yet to match the duration of the "Liberal-Progressive" dynasty in our province's past.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Country club conservative loves workers .. but not their rights ... and hates environmentalists

Conservative media elite, anti-environmentalist,
and former Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program
intern  Ezra Levant.

Claims " downtown environmentalists" know nothing of
about blue-collar work.

Image Source: 

Ezra Levant is certainly one amusing Sun "journalist". The member of the media elite, law-school graduate, and Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program intern certainly has an impressive resume. He's rubbed elbows with hoity-toities and makes an undisclosed amount of money. Nevertheless, he's never lost his sympathy for the common person ... but, it seems, just whenever their interests seem to overlap with those of rich and powerful country club conservatives. A May 5, 2012 article - appearing in the various Sun dallies -  on Federal NDP environmentalists displays this full on. Environmentalists, he seems to insinuate, are nothing but downtown cultural elites while the interests of working people are served by big oil companies.