Monday, 20 August 2012

Brian Pallister: The Paul Ryan of Manitoba?

Current Manitoba PC Leader
Brian Pallister in the House of Commons.

He has a very regressive voting record.

Image Source: Retrieved from the CBC,
who obtained it from Fred Chartrand/CanadianPress.
It's no secret that the Manitoba PCs have looked south of the border for a winning formula. Ex-PC leader Stuart Murray attended a pro-Iraq War rally, standing behind one of the vilest ideas brought forward by the American right in recent years. An anti-same-sex adoption rights stance was championed by the provincial Conservatives as well, no doubt taking a page from US Republican culture warriors. Fortunately for compassionate, hard working Manitobans, this hasn't worked out for the PC Party.

Current PC Leader Brian Pallister is clearly watching US politics.  The lead provincial Tory laments Obama's "smearing" of "poor guy" Mitt Romney. And by smearing, I guess he means pointing out the fact that Romney's being evasive about his taxes.

But it's the Republican Vice Presidential candidate who really seems to inspire the Tory leader. Pallister is Manitoba's answer to US Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. Just think of the parallels, especially after reading this Krugman piece:

All in all, this sums matters up... 

American Conservatives: Generating & exporting bad ideas for years.

Manitoba Conservatives: Embracing bad ideas for years. 

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