Monday, 6 August 2012

Brian Pallister wants to (& very, very likely will) run in Fort Whyte

Recently acclaimed PC Leader Brian Pallister

& prospective PC nominee for Fort Whyte.

NDP candidate for Fort Whyte Brandy Schmidt.

Image Sources: Global Winnipeg (Top)

Today's NDP (Bottom)
Recently crowned Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister is seeking the PC nomination for Fort Whyte. The new leader want to represent the same riding as the old leader.

The New Democrats have nominated Brandy Schmidt to run under their party's banner in Fort Whyte. She has a BA in International Development from the UofW, did work as a TA, and has done work for charities. She's a new face in terms of retail politics, though, and lacks a lengthy record in the civil service.

Fort Whyte is a rather safe PC seat and Pallister will almost certainly be the PC nominee and next MLA for the riding.

Now, in the run-up to the Fort Whyte by-election and resignation of MLA Hugh McFadyen, what is the positive message the Tories and Pallister have for Fort Whyte and Manitoba?

The winning message that Pallister, who's released few policy statements according to The Winnipeg Sun, is that the NDP's election timing was "cynical". It's after the labour day weekend and after "family month" so voter turnout, Pallister states, shall be low.

How low voter turnout helps the NDP I have no idea. One would imagine that the lower-income voters who work at gruelling jobs with little flexibility when it comes to taking some time off work after being forced back into the grind to get to the polls early would be more likely to vote NDP. Dippers, if anything, should be hurting themselves with this move more than anyone else. But who knows. Perhaps all these family month enthusaists are Tories.

Pallister has also called NDP funding announcements of 65 new daycare spaces in Whyte Ridge "selfish politics" and a plan to "buy votes". Pallister even said that the funding announcement was an a "attempt at buying people's votes with their own money". This is quite similar to ex-PC leader Hugh McFadyen's claim that  NDP funding announcements in 2011 were an "attempt ... to bribe Manitobans with their own money".

And recall what Pallister has said earlier while introducing his "positive alternative" for Manitoba in the leadership campaign.

After these stories, he continued his statements on how he believes he can change Manitoba for the better.

“It all starts with the acronym “WIN.” The ‘W’ stands for work; the ‘I’ for include; and the ‘N...’ well, we still haven’t exactly decided on it yet but we were thinking something along the lines of Not the NDP,” said Pallister jokingly [The Analyst's emphasis added].

("NDP's time over, Pallister says" Jordon Swerid (May 31, 2012 - according to Pallister site ) The Beausejour Review )
Yes, folks, this is the Pallister vision. "Not the NDP".

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