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Change the PCs' name?

Image Source: The Guardian
Bert Nieuwenhuis has an article out in The Morden Times asserting that recently crowned Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister is an old guard career politician and won't steer the Manitoba PCs into new era. He also asserts that there's nothing "progressive" about today's PCs and requests a name change.

He's quite right on that front. The Manitoba PCs opposed adoption rights for loving gay couples, acclaimed a leader who voted against gay marriage and embraces the old policies of the 1990s Filmon Tories, and has a social media luddite philosophy. Readers of the Modern Times may also recall what Pallister said back in the early 2000s.

Brian Pallister says residents of Portage-Lisgar must be wondering just what kind of legacy Prime Minister Jean Chretien is leaving behind in his wake. 
From saying smoking a little pot is okay to now allowing same sex marriages, Chretien is showing tremendous disrespect for a large core of public sentiment, the Canadian Alliance MP suggested earlier week. 
It's no wonder people feel this Liberalism is precipitating chaos, in terms of the way we feel society should be structured, said Pallister. 
("MP laments loss of authority over decision on same sex marriages". The Morden Times)
Alliance/CON MP and recently acclaimed
Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister.

Pallister thought it was "no wonder" that
"people feel this Liberalism is precipitating
chaos" when the Chretien gov't floated
the idea of marijuana decriminalization &
the courts struck down discriminatory
 marriage laws.

Pallister, proud of his role in the Alliance takeover
of the Federal PCs, voted against same-sex
marriage & supported reopening
the debate after gay marriage had
passed in the House of Commons. 
Image Source: Retrieved from the CBC,
who obtained it from Fred Chartrand/CanadianPress
Now, good ol' Pallister started out as an Alliance MP. The Alliance was named so as it was - in the short-run - a failed attempt at replacing the PCs and occurred via an alliance of Reform Party MPs and some dissatisfied Federal PC MPs. This became the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance. If they'd added "Party" to the end the acronym would have been C.C.R.A.P. - which was rather fitting, given the quality of the public policies they advocated.

In the long-run the Alliance was successful, as it took over the PCs and formed the united Conservative Party of Canada from which Harper rules today as a Prime Minister with a majority gov't - backed by less than 40% of Canadian voters.

Brian Pallister is quite proud of his role in the Alliance takeover of the Federal PCs. Given his regressive track record it's safe to assume the "Progressive" Conservative Party of Manitoba will be utterly un-progressive from now on.

Since attaching the provincial flower of Alberta to "Alliance" helped propel a far-right party in Alberta, how about renaming the Manitoba PCs the Prairie Crocus Alliance? Okay, that might have too many bad connotations, what with the failed Crocus Investment Fund.

A better name for Manitoba's Official Opposition Party would be the Conservative Reform Alliance Party of Manitoba or C.R.A.P. Manitoba. Has a nice ring, eh?

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