Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fort Whyte by-election a trial ground for Tory GOTV operations

Recently crowned PC leader Brian Pallister.

Image Source: Dawson Trail Dispatch
On the evening of August 8 Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister was announced as his party's candidate for the Fort Whyte by-election.

As a continuation of his on-going positive message for Fort Whyte residents, Pallister asserted that "the NDP is not good at governing" before claiming that they're "good at campaigns".

The PC leader intends to use this by-election to test out his party's ability to mobilize campaign workers and volunteers into targeted ridings. In short, they want to fine-tune their Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation.

I'm sure all his years in the Federal Alliance/CON Machine will help him in this endeavour. The CONs are certainly efficient at mobilizing their base. Then again, the CONs' greatest opponent up until the 2011 Federal election was an utterly dysfunctional, deeply divided political party. In Manitoba the governing NDP is more likely to keep an eye on some of the more disagreeable aspects of rightwing base-mobilizing. Will Pallister's Alliance/CON experience be an asset, liability, or mixed blessing?

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